How Vinyl Records Could Soothe the Soul

In a world dominated by Spotify and the likes, vinyl records might just be what could freshen up your senses. Vinyl records have come back from the dead, partially because of the belief that it sounds better than music streaming. While being so actually depends on lots of factors, vinyl is indeed the only music format that is completely lossless. So when played on the best record players (such as these), you might actually hear spine tingling, high fidelity sounds.

Enthusiasts describe vinyls as “organic,” saying that it’s the most natural way to listen to music, second only to a live performance. It highlights the mid-range tones, and sounds warm, due to the lacquer material that was used for the master recording. Aside from that, there are also pops and the crackles and the whining sound of the turntable’s needle. These imperfections are actually considered by many as part of the listening experience, and they are even used for ASMR.

ASMR means Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and is the “formal” term for what some people refer to as “brain tingles.” It is described as a sensation, usually in the neck or head, that results from experiencing a stimulus (like the crackling vinyl record above). If you think it’s weird, that’s understandable — ASMR is still very much a subculture that is just recently becoming popular. There’s not much scientific proof yet — so far, there is only one research study on it.

Unfortunately, ASMR is one of those things that you’ll have to try yourself to believe it (in my case, I did felt tingling in my neck). Still, many people swear by its relaxing effect and the positive feelings that result from the phenomena. Some even use ASMR to ease their discomfort from depression, anxiety, or insomnia (professional help is still advised though). So if you want to ease your troubled mind, or soothe your weary soul — a crackling vinyl record might help.

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