Rejuvenate Your Spirit With A Hot Bath

It’s typical to find yourself stressed, tired, and often feeling drained. It’s a fact of life that everyone goes through those feelings. If you’re feeling that way yourself, you’re probably also wondering what you can do to feel more relaxed. There are a lot of tips and tricks out there, but there are none quite as simple as taking a bath.

Sure, that is probably already part of your daily routine, but it can be so much more beneficial than just getting clean. Especially if you take the time, and really indulge. A study conducted at the University of Wolverhampton showed that people who take daily baths are generally less stressed. They feel reduced anxieties, and they have an easier time falling asleep.

bathing in warm water

Unfortunately, with the modern age, there is never enough time to have a nice bath. Instead, we all favor showers because they are quicker, and allow us to get back to doing what needs to be done. But there’s nothing more important than our own mental and physical health. Without it, we can’t do much of anything, can we? If you can’t find the time to take a daily bath, at least set aside one day of the week. Make it a Saturday or a Sunday evening when all the kids have gone to bed, and the day is winding down. Gather up your supplies, fill the bath tub up with hot water, climb in, and let all your cares simply float away.

There’s a handful of things I’d suggest to really help you wind down:

  • Make sure you have a Navien tankless water heater: This will eliminate any stress you might have about the water bill, because you don’t need that stress on top of the stress of life.
  • Purchase some bath salts: Particularly the ones that claim to have health boosting effects. If you’d rather, you could just purchase the natural oils that have the same claim. Sage oil, for example, is said to help memory and sharpen your brain.
  • Bring a book: Find something you’d love to read but haven’t had the time to yet. Though it’s unwise to soak for longer than 15-20 minutes, if you make this a weekly routine, you’ll find yourself in search of a new book to read in no time!
  • Get a head rest: This can help you feel more comfortable than having your head rested against the ceramic.
  • Soothing scents: This can be incense or scented candles. Find a smell you just can’t get enough of, and bring it into your water based paradise.
  • Soothing sounds: When you’re really trying to relax, a soothing sound can do wonders. Whether it’s a white noise machine with the sound of the ocean, or your favorite band playing from your smartphone.
  • A glass of wine: There’s a reason every movie and book include a bath with a glass of wine. One glass of wine a day is said to be good for your health. If you’re the nervous type, that one glass will help you to free your mind.
  • Finally, the thing I suggest the most is: Free your mind. Just, completely clear your thoughts of everything that stresses you. Think of nothing. That may actually be hard at first. It’s not easy to clear your mind. But, if you make taking a bath a regular occurrence, you’ll notice you can relax far more easier. This is because there are medical benefits to taking regular baths. Your body relaxes in the warm water, and when your body relaxes, so does your mind.

Of course, the benefits of a bath are physical too. You may notice after a few weeks that you can move more fluidly. The relaxation that takes place in the bath, does come out of the water with you. As long as you regularly treat your body to that sensation, you’ll see improved results. This can be very helpful if you’re working somewhere that requires you to stand on your feet for long periods of time. Or, sit in an uncomfortable office chair for 8 hours a day. We’ve all experienced the pain of sore muscles after a long day of work. This is why studies are saying a daily bath is the most beneficial. It’s a routine relaxation. Who wouldn’t love that?

In fact, water based therapy is becoming more and more common. It’s used to treat athletic injuries because the soaking takes down inflammation. If you’ve ever soaked your feet in a foot tub either at home or in a spa, you may know how this treatment feels. In fact, some medical practitioners use this type of therapy to help aid cerebral palsy patients. The soaking relaxes their muscles enough that they feel less spasms. It’s also been used to help certain skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis. It’s not a “new development” either. Even back in the Roman days, people have used water based therapy as a medical practice, and to enhance their everyday activities.

So if you’re not usually the first to hop in the bathtub, give it a try. You’ll see the benefits right away.

How Vinyl Records Could Soothe the Soul

In a world dominated by Spotify and the likes, vinyl records might just be what could freshen up your senses. Vinyl records have come back from the dead, partially because of the belief that it sounds better than music streaming. While being so actually depends on lots of factors, vinyl is indeed the only music format that is completely lossless. So when played on the best record players (such as these), you might actually hear spine tingling, high fidelity sounds.

Enthusiasts describe vinyls as “organic,” saying that it’s the most natural way to listen to music, second only to a live performance. It highlights the mid-range tones, and sounds warm, due to the lacquer material that was used for the master recording. Aside from that, there are also pops and the crackles and the whining sound of the turntable’s needle. These imperfections are actually considered by many as part of the listening experience, and they are even used for ASMR.

ASMR means Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and is the “formal” term for what some people refer to as “brain tingles.” It is described as a sensation, usually in the neck or head, that results from experiencing a stimulus (like the crackling vinyl record above). If you think it’s weird, that’s understandable — ASMR is still very much a subculture that is just recently becoming popular. There’s not much scientific proof yet — so far, there is only one research study on it.

Unfortunately, ASMR is one of those things that you’ll have to try yourself to believe it (in my case, I did felt tingling in my neck). Still, many people swear by its relaxing effect and the positive feelings that result from the phenomena. Some even use ASMR to ease their discomfort from depression, anxiety, or insomnia (professional help is still advised though). So if you want to ease your troubled mind, or soothe your weary soul — a crackling vinyl record might help.